Friday, October 14, 2011

Fat Loss Workout Routine - What Makes it Work?

I know many men and women decide to start exercising to burn off unwanted fat. But what exactly is a fat loss workout routine? What makes a workout effective for burning fat? These are the first questions that should be answered before you start exercising.

I know that asking, "What is a fat loss workout routine?" may seem like a stupid question . After all, the obvious answer is a workout designed to get rid of fat. Simple, right?

But the truth is, many men and women start what they THINK is an exercise program designed for fat loss, only they don't end up losing any fat. Even if they adhere to the workout as instructed day in and day out, they don't get the fat loss results they wanted when they started.

So, when you decide it's time to lose the fat hanging off your belly... make sure the workout is designed to burn fat!

Now, before you ask, "What is the best fat loss workout ?" I have a confession to make. There isn't one. There are many workout programs designed to burn fat. And there are a lot of different fat burning workouts that do work. The trick is to find the exercise program right for your goals, needs and personality.

Look for an exercise routine that fits your lifestyle and personality to ensure you will do it. This means a workout that you like, keeps you interested and one that you have all the equipment to perform the workout as instructed. If you hate riding an exercise bike... don't pick a program that focuses on biking!

Regardless of what workout program you choose, there are similar characteristics you should look for to burn the most fat...

- The workout should be a combination of resistance training and energy system training (commonly known as "cardio"). Aerobic only fat loss workout routines may work over the long term... but unless you want to be a Marathon runner, a combination of weight training and "cardio" is best.

- Use Full Body Weight Training workouts. Bodybuilding style split workouts can work, but you'll need to spend HOURS in the gym. Not something most exercisers can do. So, if you want results in the shortest amount of time, look for a workout that works the entire body.

- Don't just do "cardio" in your aerobic zone. The cardio portion of your workout should be as intense as your fitness level allows. If you want to get the fat off, you are going to have to get out of your comfort zone and FORCE your body to burn fat by pushing yourself. Instead of increasing the time of your cardio workout, keep the time the same and increase the amount of work you get done.

My advice for getting started:

Don't just pull a workout routine off the Internet that claims to burn fat and give it a try. In my experience, most workouts claiming to burn fat are just a "bodybuilding" workout in disguise. More often than not, this is not the kind of exercise program that fits your needs, lifestyle or time restrains. Think of it this way... you've probably done one of those workouts before and didn't get the results you wanted. So why do the same ineffective kind of workout program?

DO use a proven exercise routine from a well known trainer. No sense trying to figure out everything on your own. Look for a routine from a trusted fitness professional that has a combination of full body workouts, intense cardio and hopefully a nutrition guide as well.

Use a fat loss workout program ALREADY getting fantastic results for you best chance of getting rid of ugly fat.

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